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Apple has introduced iPad Mini: Starting Price $329

Apple has introduced much speculated iPad Mini but in no way it is going to compete with Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus. Phill Schiller said iPad Mini is every inch an iPad and yes he is right. While introducing iPad Mini he compared it with iPad 2 and how it is better than seven inch Android tablets in every aspects.

iPad Mini is 7.9 inch diagonally having the same resolution as of iPad 2  and starting price for wi fi configuration is $329. The  price tag of $329 is pretty high when Apple is trying to compete with the category of Amazon. In his presentation Phil Schiller derided 7 inch Tablets of Android in comparison with iPad Mini but on pricing iPad Mini is still $129 higher than Nexus.

Basic Specification

1.Dual A5 Core Chip, 5 MP iSight Camera, LTE capabilities, Lightning, connector, 10 hrs battery life.

2. Screen 7.9 inch,thin like a pencil, weight 0.68lbs, In Black & White, great to use in Potrait and Landscape manner.

No doubt that it will sell like a hot cake but can it halt the expanding market of Kindle Fire and Nexus. iPad Mini is more like re sizing iPad 2 and re inventing the earlier generation of  iPad by resizing it. iPad Mini is in no way a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 killer. It is a brilliant strategy through which earlier version of iPads in different size will act as a cash cow and it will also contain Amazon and Google at some level.

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