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iPad 3 Is In Stores in India Now! Are You Buying It?

iPad 3 is in stores in India. Big question is are you buying it?

Price of iPad 3 16 GB WiFi only model in India is Rs. 30,500/-

Price of iPad 3 WiFi + 4 G model in India is Rs. 38,900/-

Price of iPad 3 64 GB WiFi + 4G model in India is Rs. 50,900/-

What are the new prominent features of iPad 3 which Apple is showcasing?

1.Retina Display  - iPad 3 has Retina Display which transforms the iPad experience, it has 4 times more pixel that iPad 2 , iPad 3 Retina Display makes your pictures look life-like  and very detailed basically it is the best display ever on Mobile device as claimed by Apple

2.A5X chip  - iPad 3 has A5X chip which is the technology behind making your iPad 3 pictures look so stunning and life-like yet  it keeps the smoothness of iPad 3 intact.

3.iSight Camera – iPad 3 has Apple’s 5 megapixel iSight Camera , it gives you beautiful photos and  1080p HD video

4.Ultra fast wireless – iPad 3 has this next generation wireless which lets you connect to fast networks . iPad 3 has mobile antennas that allows you to use larger frequency spectrum meaning you can get online anywhere . You can also use local SIM card to connect while travelling

What are the known issues of iPad 3?

  • The new battery has almost double of the capacity of the iPad 2 battery.Unfortunately, the charger is still the same, and due to this charging the larger new iPad battery is much slower.
  • The WiFi Connectivity  - customer reports that iPad 3 tablets are suffering with Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • It is slightly heavier and thicker than iPad 2

What iPad 3 can be best used for?

  • Gaming – with Retina Display and faster processing with A5X chip iPad 3 gives one the best gaming experience ever
  • with new Retina Display and faster processing it makes incredible media experience , if you are a professional photographer or an artist iPad 3 is a great tool to showcase your work
Should you consider iPad 2 instead of iPad 3?
As you can see Apple first came up with iPad  then iPad 2 and now iPad 3 . The third generation iPad i.e. iPad 3 has its own charm because of all the new features like Retina Display , powerful processing , great media experience etc but Apple is making a comparison of iPad 3 with iPad 2 . Apple says that the Retina Display of iPad 3 gives 4 times pixel than the iPad 2 . Apple is doing cannibalization of its own product iPad 2 such that iPad 3 can come up . All companies do this at one time or the other to make way for new products.  As we will see in future Apple may come with iPad 4 or may be it will come up with some new revolutionary product and sooner the older products will be cannibalized or would become absolute.
As a consumer one should always consider if one needs to have a said product or if one is being completely dictated by the company or society to own a cool product just because it’s a hype thing to have that product.
iPad 2 can suffice your following requirements
  • If you are a regular user who mostly does internet browsing
  • Email Checking
  • Reading
  • Using Social Media like Facebook ,Twitter etc
Should you upgrade your Android Tablet and iPad 2
If you are buying iPad 3 just because you can’t live without latest product of Apple then we can understand but otherwise if you are upgrading it then you should reconsider. Why I am saying reconsider because that’s our job to help you to make decision. Ask yourself a few question:
1. Your present device is able to do his job or not?
2. You are able to do your job with your device or not?
If I am in your place and My answer is Yes then certainly I will not buy iPad 3. Make a conscious choice. If you are buying a Tablet for the first time then certainly we will say that Go for iPad 3, but we are pretty sure that iPad 2 will also do great for you because till the date of launch of iPad 3, the best iPad in the world was iPad 2. Below are the prices of iPad 2.
In India electronic retailers like Croma ,Reliance digital haven’t officially announced the revised price for iPad 2 yet . Individual electronics sellers in India are selling 16GB WiFi only iPad 2 at 23,333/- and 16GB Wi-Fi & 3G iPad 2 model at Rs 31,333/-.
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