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iPhone 5 on August 7? Rumor

iPhone 5 will be released on August 7 is a rumor news which is doing the rounds on internet. One thing which always amaze me is the accuracy of the rumor’s. This year only one Product which came as a surprise to everyone in tech industry news was the Release of Microsoft Surface except that each leak or rumored news has a  very high accuracy level.

The most important reason cited by analyst is Apple is releasing iPhone earlier because Apple is surprised by the success of Samsung Galaxy SIII. Analyst have rebuffed this reason as iPhone 4 contract will not end by August. They have considered that on August 5 Apple may be unveil iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 will be a new iPhone. iPhone 4 was like an evolution of iPhone 3 but iPhone 5 must be far superior than Samsung Galaxy S III which has been tagged as the best phone ever made. Terry Gou CEO of Hon Hai ( FOXCON owned company) made a an extremely sarcastic remark for Samsung. He urged  ”customers to wait for the launch of iPhone 5. He added “Apple’s iPhone 5 to put Samsung’s Galaxy III to Shame

The word which is used by CEO of Hon Hai is Shame and it is a strong word coming from a Man whose aim of life is to beat Samsung. It  may be he is exaggerating but if he his not exaggerating then certainly iPhone 5 must be a revolutionary phone in terms of hardware.

Companies like Samsung is catching with iPhone and Amazon has already launched an extremely successful Tablet Kindle. Microsoft and Google is flexing the muscle with one target Apple. Apple has set a standard business model for Smartphone industry by developing iOS as a ecosystem. In last five years competition is on high and everyone wants their share from this huge pie.

Apple certainly need an innovation in terms of Hardware ad Software which should put all the existing player in Shame as Apple did in 2007. Apple is in high requirement to introduce a new level of innovation in Smartphone industry.

What are those features which will make iPhone 5 a new iPhone completely different from their earlier version will be interesting to watch. Apple has set the standard for Smartphone industry and lets see how Apple will raise the bar this time. I think iPhone 5 will be no where like any products or leaked picture we have seen on internet. iPhone 5 will certainly set new standards for Smartphone industry.

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