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iPhone 5 will be introduced to world today

The schedule date of the arrival of iPhone 5 has arrived. Today Apple will introduce iPhone 5 to world. The practice of maintaining the secret in Apple is maintained with discipline of ZEN. Apple has not mentioned in any of the mail that iPhone 5 will be introduced except an indication given in the above picture. The press conference will start at 10 AM in morning in San Francisco..

Apple store is also down today with the following message. 

Apple is trying to make competition too much tough for every player out there in the market. To contain the impact of iPhone 5 Samsung has introduced Galaxy note 2 in Berlin few days back. Rumors related to  Mini iPad is also doing round through out world. The political situation in US has suddenly become very serious after the death of US ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya in attack conducted by terrorist. Twitter in US is abuzz with hashtags related to this incident.

Still three hours more to for press conference to start. Hope Tim Cook would have transformed word best Smartphone in to best smartphone ever made on earth.

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