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Mini iPad on its way today

The one liner invitation “We’ve got a little more to show you” from Apple for their  fueled the market of speculation on Mini iPad. Mini iPad on its way today. Mini iPad is an extremely important product for the future growth of Apple because first time in their golden run of more than a decade Apple is forced by competition to conceptualize a product. Apple is the creator of tablet market still Amazon entry in this market with their brilliant concept of cheap Kindle Fire and nexus from Google created a serious competition for iPad.

All product strategist will point to one thing Apple seriously need to safeguard the interest of iPad and the economics of iTunes. What little more Apple want to show will be clear in another few hours. Apple has to be damn careful on following points.

1. Pricing Strategy of Mini iPad.

2. How Mini iPad create minimum competition for iPad?

3. How Mini iPad should eat the share of Amazon and Google and safeguards the turf of Apple profitability?

Mini iPad is going to be a big hit among consumer concern is how Successful Mini iPad will be for Apple. If Apple will play above three points successfully then Apple has fortified iPad and Profits $.

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