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What is next for Apple?

Apple innovation streak is older than a decade and it has transformed smartphone and computing industry. Apple has changed the dynamics of computer, entertainment and internet. Apple impact is huge on many industries in world but what is next from here for Apple? In May Veteran Strategist Whitey Bluestein made a bold prediction about Apple launching a wireless service for iPad and iPhone. During that period I was also thinking during that time what is next for Apple?

Whitey Bluestein prediction surprised me but his experience forced me to think that May be it is possible. I could not argue with myself during about Apple will not enter in to the field of wireless services for iPad and iPhone. As time passed and I again started thinking that what is next for Apple?

I came to conclusion that even if Apple enter’s in to wireless services for iPad and iPhone it can’t be big thing the next for Apple. Apple is always about making those things which they can make better than anyone else. Next big thing for Apple can be three things.

1. Artificial Intelligence.

2. Internet.

3. Battery.

Artificial Intelligence: Even after so much development in the world of computing the amount of Artificial Intelligence available in Public domain is very little. In last One year we gave started seeing a superficial level of artificial intelligence in the Smartphone being used by us. The future of computing is naturally artificial intelligence. A device which can connect with the user intelligently, comprehend his requirement before he ask for it. It can also sense the presence of its owner though its touch or sound or heat. The device will also act as a comprehensive medical equipment.

It will be a device which can transform the nature of interaction between Human and Machine. A device with an extreme loyalty towards its owner and his job will be to assist him in performing his task or perform many of his task on his behalf. An amazing part of this relationship will be The body of device may change many times but his mind will remain same.

We are already doing it. Like When a user is updating his iPhone his iPhone will update all of his data from cloud when he will log in through his id. We can term this update as a manual update without any intelligence.

Even in the present iPhone in which a user can interact with a SIRI  and SIRI learn’s more the more you are interacting with him. At present I a think that SIRI is in a collective learning mode but in near future concept like SIRI has a individual level of learning about his OWNER. That learning needed to be transferred. AI will naturally assist in future in two mode which is personally and Socially.

This device can be developed in form of wearable computing.

Internet: In next 15 years the possibility of each and every machine getting connected to internet is very high. Consider all the automobiles in the world is connected to internet. What will be the role of Apple in that world? This role which Apple will play in the world of internet can be next big thing for Apple. Without any doubt I can say that Apple must be working on it.

Battery: Consider an iPhone and iPad available to you which you don’t need to charge for one week or month. The battery is so powerful that it can support all the usage on iPhone and iPad for such a long time without any charge. This sort of innovation will be revolutionary for portable or wearable computing.

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