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WWDC 2012: a blockbuster conference


WWDC 2012 is a blockbuster event. In the keynote of the event CEO Tim Cook shared some incredible data with the audience.

He started the event with with a hilarious statement but a fact. ” Its our 23rd WWDC and yes it is older than many of you are. It is the longest running developer conference any where and it’s sold out in record time”. This year WWDC 2012 tickets were sold only in 1 hour 43 minutes and two years ago the conference ticket were sold out in eight days. So the WWDC has evolved as afar more powerful brand than two years ago.


One of the most important part of Apple culture has been do everything better than others. Apple has the ability to nurture everything as a brand and they have been able to do with WWDC also.


Some incredible data Tim Cook CEO has shared with audience.

1. Participant’s from sixty countries are attending the WWDC 2012. Apple developer’s community is distributed in different part of the world. Apple has worked very carefully and strategically to nurture a developer’s community in different geographical area of world. App developer community of Apple is a strategic asset for Apple.

2. Over 1000 Apple engineers will cover 112 session’s and 125 lab. The amount of Human Resources Apple is investing on the developer’s in WWDC 2012 clearly indicates the importance of developers community.

3. App Store has 400 million accounts with credit card on the App store. App store is also the largest online store with such a huge number of credit card associated with them. This 400 million accounts on the App store with one click buying capacity is the richest market for the app developers. So Apple ecosystem is a win win situation for Apple and developers. Developing such a loyal community of developer’s around the world is one the key hindrance of Android and Windows.

4. 650,000 apps in App store and 225,000 apps for iPad.

5. 30 billion apps has been downloaded from App store.

6. Apple has paid App developers more than 5 billion dollars. It is very important to understand that Application is a market because platforms like iOS, Android and Windows are transforming in to an  ecosystem. For any developer access to a market with buying capacity is very important. Apple has been able to provide it. App store by the end of this month will be available to 155 countries.

WWDC 2012 is a blockbuster conference for developer’s and App store is the biggest and richest market of Application.

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