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WWDC 2012: iOS 6 has been introduced by Apple


As expected in WWDC 2012 iOS 6 has been introduced by Apple. Before introducing iOS 6   Apple shared some interesting data about iOS 5 and iOS devices.. These are some incredible feats which iOS devices has achieved.


1. 365 million iOS devices has been sold till 30th March 2012.

2. More than 80% of iOS devices owner are running the latest iOS 5. iOS main competitor Android, only 7% of the devices are running on the latest Android 4 which was introduced at the same time.

3. Twitter was directly integerated in iOS 5 which caused 3 times growth of Twitter user’s on iOS devices, 10 billion tweets has already been sent from iOS 5 and 47% of the photos which has been shared on the Twitter comes rom iOS 5.

4. Since the introduction of iPhone Apple is introducing every year a new iOS and this Year Apple has introduced iOS 6.

What is new in iOS 6?

1. 200 new features in iOS 6.


2. Siri has been significantly improved in iOS 6. With lots of integration with apps Siri can assist iOS device users from sports, movie’s to restaurant.  More access to  information the personal assistant Siri has the better the performance will be. Now Siri is also capable of launching any app which is running on iOS devices and a User can also Tweet just by talking to Siri.


3. Apple is working with many automobile  manufacturer for a deep integration with Siri. In another 12 months car manufacturer like GM, Honda, Toyota, BMW and many more will come up with an integration with iOS device which will launch Siri without any physical touch.

4. In iOS siri has been launched in Korean, Cantonese, Chinese, Italian.


5. Siri has been introduced in to new iPAD.


6. As Time Cook CEO of Apple said in his interview in AllthinsD Yearly conference about Facebook. He said tha “Wait and Watch”. Apple  has been working with Facebook closely and in iOS 6 Facebook is closely interrelated with the ecosystem of iOS 6. It is closely integerated with Safari, Photos and all the other apps which will run on iOS devices.

Facebook is also integrated with Siri and now a user can post his satus just by talking to his phone. Apple has introduced a Public API which will make very easy for the apps on the App store to integrate with the Facebook. The integration is not one sided. The integration seems to be both sided as iOS, iTunes and App store has also been integrated with the Facebook so that Apple should get maximum benefit with this integration. Facebook is also integrated with calander of the iOS and this integration has also been introduced in to the Mac.


7. In iOS 6 the Phone app has received major enhancement and Facetime is now available on Cellular also. Earlier Facetime was only available on Wifi.

7. Safari and Photostream has also received updates in iOS 6. iOS 6 has integrated iPhone, iPad and Mac.


8. Passbook is a new app which will integerate pass provided by different App from Airlines boarding ticket to your movie ticket.


9. Maps: It is confirmed. Apple has dropped Google maps from iOS 6 and launched their own maps. Apple has done the cartography of the map on their own. Local search has been integrated with maps and there are 100 million listing with from the globe in the map. The map is also integrated with Siri. There is a traffic service which will provide real time data collected through different iOS device users anonymously. Flyover is another service which will provide 3 D model of cities. Apple has collected data on their own by clicking photographs through helicopters.


iOS wil support iPhone 3G, iPad 2 and iPad 3 and fourth generation of iPod touch. The biggest strength of Apple is integration and sharing this integration with app developers who have played a great role in enriching the ecosystem of iOS. iOS 6 will be available from this fall.

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