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BSNL tablet launched against Aakash

BSNL has also joined the list of telecommunication entities who have launched their own version of tablet Penta T-Pad IS701R against Aakash. BSNL tablet is available in three price range and the entry price tag is directly competing with Aakash tablet pet project of government of India. BSNL Tablet  Penta T-Pad IS701R  name sound like a robotic series. 

The most interesting part of this story is BSNL has tagged the entry pricing of their Tablet in comparison of Aakash and on their website they have declared them-self a better Tablet than Aakash. No doubt that it is a marketing Gimmick which has already generated required coverage and PR for them.


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From the above comparison you can also have an idea about the basic specification BSNL tablet. BSNL launch is very important because both Aakash project and BSNL comes under the wing of Telecommunication ministry which is headed by Mr Kapil Sibbal. There is one question which is very intriguing to us is why same ministry will invest in developing two Tablets in same price range. We sincerely think  that it is an utter waste of money which telecommunication ministry would have never allowed to happen. Keeping full faith in our government the obvious conclusion is BSNL Tablet is nothing more than a somewaht better version of Aakash only. The only one major difference between Aakash II and BSNL Tablet is processor. In Penta T-Pad IS 701R it is ARM11 IMAP210, 1GHZ and in Aakash II it is ARM Cortex-A8, 700MHz. BSNL tablet is six to seven percent which is RS 200 higher priced than Aakash 2 which is almost negligible. 


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Following are the features of the tablet:

  • The tablet comes with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with a 7-inch resistive touch screen (800 x 600 pixels).
  • The processor inside is ARM11 IMAP201 running at a clock speed of 1GHz and 256MB DDR2 RAM.
  • There are three physical buttons at the front for ‘Home’, ‘Options’ and ‘Back’.
  • All the ports are at the bottom of the tablet which consists of a microSD card slot, miniHDMI port, 3.5mm audio jack, miniUSB port and a hard reset button.
  • The device also has support for Android Market, so that you can download apps on the device like all the other Android phones.
  • The HDMI port can be used to plug the device to LCD/LED HDTV and display the contents.
  • Plays all the popular audio video formats, even including 720p HD movies.

The other two Tablets are

Penta TPAD WS704C: The next in line is the Panta Tpad WS704C tablet and tagged price is Rs 10999, which is similar to the 701r model in specification with the additional features of it being 3G capable. It supports both CDMA/EVDO and GSM. It also has a GPS, accelerometer, and Bluetooth connectivity. The RAM is 512 MB in this case and the rear facing camera is of 2 megapixel resolution.

Penta TPAD WS802C: The Tpad WS802C is the top of the line model and comes at a price of Rs. 13,500. It offer 8 inch of screen real estate and is based on capacitive touchscreen technology. The tablet also is powered by a more powerful 1.2 GHz CPU and is aided by a 512 MB RAM. The device comes with an internal memory of 4 GB, while other features match that of the 704C model.

BSNL is also offering discounted data plans with these Tablet. We seriously think that the other two Tablets in range of of RS 10k will not be able to make any dent in the market because there are tablets available which are seriously far better than BSNL tablets. Kindle-fire from Amazon is the top contender.

Why BSNL has launched a Tablet in same price category of Aakash is very surprising and they are marketing this product as better than Aakash.

  • BSNL which is a profit making body of state in competition with a state project particularly to drive computing in India is very intriguing.
  • We are pretty sure that BSNL tablets in the price range of above RS 10k will never be able to compete in the market but the entry level may kill the Aakash project.





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