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Complete story of Mobile World Congress 2012 Barcelona Spain

On 27th Feb 2012 World mobile congress started in Barcelona, Spain and another four days was full of action, achievement and display of extraordinary technology. World mobile congress is the show where almost every player from the world participate to show what new stride in technology they have achieved.

Nokia: This year mobile congress can be described as the rise of Nokia from ashes like a Phoenix. Platform was perfect and on 27th Feb Nokia inspired world to take a look again at Nokia from the lenses of Nokia 808 pureview, the first smart phone having 41 MP of camera. With a bang Nokia has set a new standard in the mobile industry imaging technology. This phone is extraordinary on three front that is imaging, recording and sound.

*Nokia 808 pureview is the first smartphone to feature Nokia PureView imaging technologies, bringing together high resolution sensors, exclusive Carl Zeiss optics and Nokia developed algorithms, which will support new high-end imaging experiences for future Nokia products. This product specializes in creating great quality picture at normal size.

*The excellent camera performance also extends to video. The camera allows for 1080p recording at 30fps, with 4X loss-less zoom thanks to the big sensor and powerful image processing which handles over 1 billion pixels per second. At lower resolutions, the capabilities of the zoom increase, with 6X at 720p and up to 12X lossless zoom in nHD (640 x 360) recordings. Of course great video is nothing without great audio.

*Dolby Headphone technology, transforming stereo content into a personal surround sound experience over any headphones and Dolby Digital Plus for 5.1 channel surround sound playback.

With all these qualities Nokia 808 is a Smartphone having Nokia belle exasperating system with feature pack one enhancements. Nokia 808 launch created a wave of news for Nokia. Not a single another product from MWC 2012 have got such a coverage through out world. This Smartphone has set a new industry standard for industry and represent the hard work of CEO Stephen Elop in the turn around of Nokia. Nokia launched a series of other products in MWC 2011.

Nokia Lumina 610: Another affordable windows smartphone from Nokia.

Nokia Lumina 900: Earlier it was available in US only now available worldwide.

Nokia Asha 302, 202 and 203-  The Asha 302 is a QWERTY phone with support for Microsoft Exchange synchronisation, a first for Series 40 phones. The Asha 202 and 203 bring touch screens to a lower price point than ever and come with a massive entertainment bundle.

Super services: Nokia is rigorously transforming itself as a company which sells solution to customer trough their smartphone because that is all smartphone is all about. Nokia super services includes

* Nokia Maps

*Nokia Drive

*Nokia Public Transport

*Nokia Life

Awards: Nokia won the  “Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012” for the Nokia 808 PureView and

Best Feature Phone or Entry Level Phone for Nokia C3-00.

Sonymobile: Sony mobile launched Xperia P and Xperia U, two more additions to Xperia TM NXT series – a next generation smartphone form Sony. It has been only few months since Sony has taken complete control of Sony Ericsson and it would have be completely unfair that in such a very small amount of time Sony Mobile will push Xperia in to new orbit. It was a ordinary show as per Sony Standards. One accessories from Sony which attracted enough attention is the Sony Smart watch costing $150 which is . 2012 will be a defining year for Sony mobile and  we are pretty sure that Sony will put all his might behind SonyMobile to be at-least second position in Smartphone industry because they can’t afford to be below that.

Xperia P Demo Video:

Xperia U Demo

Sony smart watch: It connects with the android platform through bluetooth so that user can keep a watch on mail, twitter and Facebook.

BlackBerry MWC 2012: 

BlackBerry used the opportunity of MWC 2012 more for showcasing some of its latest technology and creating a better relationship with application developers. 

Porsche 911: The car sports a user-configurable dash stack from BlackBerry-owned tech company QNX, NFC-activated Bluetooth docking and seamlessly integrated BlackBerry Playbooks in the headrests to keep the kids quiet. The QNX technology is already deployed in more than 20 millions automobiles and it is clearly showing the advent of the era where every important  gadget which is used by human being will be integrated with central device or communication center.

Near Field Communication Technology: This technology is was showcased by BlackBerry in MWC  for engagement with people on social media. The whole technology is explained in this video.


MWC 2012 has been a year for recognition for Samsung. When all other mobile manufactures were fading Samsung Electronics delivered a range of Smartphone under Galaxy brand name.

Samsung Galaxy S II received the best Smartphone award of the Year.

Samsung: Samsung received the coveted award of the “Device manufacturer of the year”. Mobile industry should really appreciate Samsung for taking on the might of Apple and literally went on neck to neck fight for number one position for the largest seller of Smartphone. Samsung has been the single device competitor for Apple when every other manufacturer was failing. The balance which industry needed was indeed provided by Samsung only.

A t Mobile World Congress 2012, Samsung demonstrated continued innovation with GALAXY Note 10.1, a new device category with an immersive 10.1-inch screen and S Pen versatility; GALAXY Beam, a projector smartphone that enables a unique instant sharing experience around digital content; other additions to the successful GALAXY device range and its content and services. 


Apple: I-Pad 2 received the award for the Tablet of the Year. Apple is a master marketeer and don’t want to share the stage with any one else. The launch of I-Pad 3 was scheduled on 7th March. The news of MWC 2012 didn’t even settled down, Apple created the curiosity among consumers and news sites and bloggers about the release of I-Pad 3. It is very tough for any company to fight with Apple because the company has differentiated itself from competition  on every platform of interaction with consumers.

HTC- HTC released HTC one series in MWC 2012.

The other major award recipient are:

Bast mobile app for consumers: Angry Birds Rio.

Best Mobile app for enterprise: Citrix receiver.

Judges choice- Best overall mobile app: whats app

Most innovative mobile app: SwiftKey

Best Mobile advertising and marketing campaign: Be The coach

Innovation in mobile advertising: Poken

Mobile marketing and advertising of the year: a.mo.bee

Best enterprise mobile service: Maas360

Best consumer mobile service: Google Maps for android

Mobile world congress is playing her role in a magnificently and successfully. Certainly, next year another great show from Mobile World Congress 2013.

Source: http://www.mobileworldcongress.com/Nokia blog/Sonymobile blog/Samsung blog/ HTC blog

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