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Exynos 4 Quad Core :Industry First Quad core application processor bu samsung

Exynos 4 quad-core processor is industry’s first quad core application processor introduced by Samsung Electronics today. Samsung Electronics announced the processor named Exynos 4 quad  processor through their official blog Samsung Electronics. It is built on the High-k-Metal-Gate low power process technology. The energy-efficient Exynos 4 Quad allows the  system-level architects to integrate maximized power efficiencies into smartphones and tablets which enables to double the processing power and lower the power consumption by 20% than its predecessor.

Exynos 4 Quad  processor impact will

1. Multitasking performance will be enhanced Exynos 4 quad is particularly suited for heavy load application such as 3D games, Video edition and calculation intensives simulations as per Samsung electronics.

2. Increased power.

3. Long Battery life.

4. No extra bulk.

Exynos 4 Quad is already in production and scheduled to be first adopted by next generation Galaxy Smartphone.


Samsung electronics has a online hub for Exynos processor since last year. The website is designed to give an experience of every aspect of Exynos 4 quad processor.

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