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Future of Digital Content: Death of the Ownership of Content






Future of Digital Content: Users have only access to Use It: Death of OWNERSHIP

Today British High court ordered ISP to block “The Pirate Bay” from Britain a peer-to-peer file sharing site. On 18th January this year internet went on strike for first time. Due to the world-wide protest against PIPA and SOPA the bill was not passed but since then Hollywood stalwarts has taken a completely different strategy to take down piracy. Instead of censoring or taking down all the website which promotes peer-to-peer file sharing through out world in one attempt, take them one by one and country by country.

I think it is also not a big problem, taking down peer-to-peer sharing website to tackle Piracy. The strategy of Hollywood is not only to take down all these websites but it goes far ahead.


How far the strategy of Hollywood goes? can we exactly answer this question? I think no but I think we can make some extraordinary assumptions by asking some question? It can be 100% exact or 50% but we can certainly make some assumptions.

Which contents can be brought concept of digital content.

1. Music.

2. Films.

3. Books.

The basic problem which Hollywood is dealing is not piracy or sharing but access to digital content is the biggest problem. No one talks about it but the strategist for all the big production companies of Hollywood and Music industries knows it very well that it is the access to the digital data is the biggest problem.

The industry which is selling digital content is not producing the digital content. Today the biggest platforms of selling digital content

is the companies who are manufacturing Smartphones and Tablets. The list of the companies are not too many but it is

1. Apple.

2. Amazon.

3. Google with the introduction of Google Play.

4. Netflix, Redbox and Amazon.

What is the biggest transformation which has happened in last two to three years.

1. The concept of cloud storage is becoming normal.

2. Digital content is being sold in a completely different format than few years back. The latest model of selling digital content doesn’t make you the owner of the content on every device you own. You can use it mostly on the device or the platform  on which you have bought the content. Like if you have bought a book on i-Devices then you cannot use it on your Android or on your CD player. The reality is the concept of the physical ownership of the digital content is slowly being killed. I will not be surprise in the coming few years the production of CD and DVD’s will be of past and I think that it is bound to happen.

3. We think in Future you will not be able to buy the digital content rather you will pay to have an access to use that content through your devices like Smartphone, Tablets, computer and even you T.Vs.

In reality you have access to the data of digital content only to use it and for that you will pay. You will not own the data for which you have paid. You can’t burn it and literally you can’t share. In recent Future only the access to the data which is of utmost need to share it will not be the option sold to you.

This is the future of the digital content you will consume. Complete ownership by the companies who will produce the content and consumer will pay for using the Data.

The impact of this assumption if true:

There will be no file to share, burn and Piracy will die.

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