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Google: Most competitive company in the world


Who are your competitors defines the level of your competition and your performance  against competitors tell a lot about your competitive nature. It also applies to the companies. A question comes to my mind that which company can be considered as the most competitive company in the world. After thinking a lot, Only one name fits the answer and it is Google but why?

In the presence of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook how come Google is the most competitive in the world?

Microsoft: Microsoft windows operating system is ubiquitous when it comes to Desktop or Laptop operating system even now. Google started in 1998 and during those periods Microsoft was center of software and internet universe. Google started and became number one search engine in the world. One of the biggest problem for Google was the over dependence of internet user on windows to browse internet. Somewhere Google was always insecure because of overwhelming  control of Microsoft on everything. Google didn’t only proved himself as an extraordinary competitor but maintained itself as a leader of search business for more than a decade and still going stronger than ever.

Google introduced Chrome and supported Mozilla to penetrate the market of Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is no doubt that even today dominates the browsing but Google successfully penetrated almost 25% market share if combined with Chrome and Mozilla.

The business model of Google is advertisement base and it is very important for Goggle to be dominant in their business which they did. While Google tried a lot to convert Desktop based OS concept of Microsoft  in to an internet based OS but they never succeeded. It was only in 2009 Google launched Chromium OS which could not make an impact. Google introduced Gmail and made it ubiquitous email services as Windows operating system is. Google kept innovating the business of search by introducing Google image, news and videos. Google introduce amazing services like Google Earth which allowed us to see earth from Satellite.

I would like to sum up that Google really worked and gave power in the hands of Human being when it comes to search information.

Google has one edge over Microsoft which is information.Google search engine allowed them to have almost perfect insight in to Future. If we will see the acquisition History of Google or introduction of new services we can certainly say that Google always knew that where internet is Forwarding.

Google was never able to penetrate the basic business of Microsoft which is windows operating system and MS office. They defended their business with extreme success, maintained an extraordinary Gap in the search business as a leader in terms of technology, innovation and market share.Google provided business solutions and captured more than four million customers.

 The rise of Smartphone era: Started Competing with Apple:

The real opportunity came ahead of Google with the rise of Smartphone era. The concept of Smartphone based on operating system first time leveled the competition. Google purchased Android inc, in 2005 and in 2007 Android was unveiled in open handset alliance a consortium of 86 hardware, software and Telecommunication companies devoted to develop open standards for mobile devices.

In January 2007 Steve jobs unveiled i-Phone and released on June 29. Apple was the first mover in Smartphone market in delivering

the product which killed all the perceptions of consumers about Smartphone. Companies which were hit really hard by Apple were Nokia and RIM. It has been five years since first iPhone was launched but Nokia and RIM has still not recovered. Microsoft windows OS for Mobile was not able to compete anywhere with i-Phone and it took Microsoft more than four years to to come up with a OS for Smartphone which can stand in the market.

The biggest benefit which Google received was Nokia, RIM and Microsoft OS were not able to stand in the market of United States against i-Phone. Apple was certified winner from the consumer point of view. Google approached the market as an analyzer and first commercially available phone which was launched on Android OS platform was on 22 October 2008. The time period between first i-Phone and first Android Phone was fifteen months and it is pretty good time difference in the world of technology were Product are obsolete in less than six months but it also sows the seriousness of Google. Sma

From October 20008 to may 2012 Google Android OS has achieved the same status in Smartphone OS  which Microsoft windows has in the world of Desktops and Laptops. In last four years if  their is a company which has been able to compete with Apple and helped the ecosystem of Smartphone to mature then it is Google. Android penetrated the market step by step. Samsung awesome performance as Handset manufacturer has catapulted the success of Android. In 2012 Samsung outsmarted Apple in shipping of Smartphone.

What are the Strategic benefit of Android?

1. It is a platform which is owned by Google and as mobile computing is increasing exponentially, Android safeguards the business interest of Google.

2. Android has also enable Google to compete with Amazon and Apple in the business of digital content.

Facebook :

Google launched Orkut and Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook almost at same time in starting of year2004. Eight years after the launch Facebook leads the Social media market with 901 million worldwide users. This is the market where Google is Facing the toughest competition in their entire history of operation. Google almost lost this market as users in India and Brazil ditched Orkut and switched for Facebook. Google since then trying to recapture this market and Google+ is their bet. It is market which Google cannot afford to loose and they have to win.

Facebook has already turned internet in to a bipolar world from unipolar and trying fanatically to create a whole internet inside Facebook. The rise of application based browsing which started from smartphone has changed the way internet user browse the internet. Facebook is also concentrating on application which is closely integrated with their Timeline. The biggest problem which Google is facing today is Google don’t know what is happening inside Facebook. World Wide Web is transforming more and more in to Social web. This is the biggest problem of Google.

Google is systematically responding to the competition in social media and year 2012-13 will be the most important year for Google +.

Digital content: 

Amazon and Apple are two biggest player in the digital content market and there are other players also like Netflix. Since the advent of Android Google was not able to provide the same media experience which Apple was providing. Android market was there but i-Tunes and App market of Apple are way ahead.

Amazon is already the biggest payer in the Online market but the rise of mobile computing created competitor like Apple then also provided an opportunity to Amazon to enter in to a new market. Amazon launched a Kindle Fire at a cost of 199$ without 3G avoiding a direct confrontation with Apple. Kindle Fire was a must for Amazon because they cannot afford to sell their product through applications which is depended on some one else. Instead they choose to create their own platform and they successfully created that platform.

Google with the level dominance on internet and the market share of Smartphone they should also capture a significant share of this market. With Microsoft investing in Barnes and Noble it is clear that the market of digital content is going to be extremely competitive in the recent future.

If a single company which has the ability to take on the most innovative, competitive and aggressive leaders in the world of technology successfully then certainly Google can be considered as the most competitive company in the world.

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     Very well articulated article. Very good reasoning of why Google is still very competitive and how it compares to its toughest competitors who are all leading in their space.

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