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Google new Logo confirmed Follows Yahoo and Bing


Google new logo rumors can rest now as it is official now. Search engine giant has  introduced a fattened logo, redefined navigation which has replaced the previous black menu bar with a smaller range of links on the page’s right-hand side.

In an official blog post the reason cited by Google for these developments is to streamline the experience of customer across products and services and consumer should not face any distractions.


Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher at the top right of the screen. Just click on the familiar ‘Apps’ grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks.


Google design team has refined the color palette and letter shapes of the Google logo. Google will roll out this update across all products.

Yahoo and Bing has also launched new logo this month. Yahoo has also posted a blueprint of their Logo.


Yahoo New Logo Screen Shot





Bing has also introduced a flat logo.


Google has redesigned their logo for first time since 2010. Google new logo is not so new and it was used in a Google economic report.

The whole transformation of logo and navigation clearly indicates that the mobile atmosphere is becoming the priority for Google. The changes made by designing team in Google new logo is extremely subtle so that it should not affect the consumer loyalty on any level.

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