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Alan Turing birthday Gift a Google Doodle

Google has honored Alan Turing on his birthday by dedicating a Google Doodle on his birthday 23 June 1912. Alan Turing is considered as the father of Computer science and Artificial Intelligence. He was a British Mathematician, Logician, Cryptanalyst  and Computer Scientist. He has worked for the British Government especially in the world war II. He devised Turing Machine which played a significant role in development of Modern computer.

He was also covered in a widely known documentary Dangerous Knowledge.  In 1952 Alan Turing was criminally charged because of his sexual inclination. At that time Homosexual was still a crime in UK. In 1954, he died because of Cyanide poisoning which legal authorities considered as a Suicide. On October 2009 British Prime Minister offered a public apology on behalf of British Government for the way he was treated.

Can we say that British Lost their prominence in the world because of the death of Alan Turing. The man who pioneered computer science and artificial intelligence in UK but computer revolution happened in US.

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