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Why Google has bought Quickoffice?


Google has bought Quick office. is it shopping week for Google? yesterday Google bought Meebo and today news came that Google has bought Quick Office but big question is why? Google has already its own Google document then why to invest in quick office? No financial detail was provided from any side.

Google buying Quickoffice give credibility to the rumors surround Microsoft Office app.

Every one can use Google document in Free but in reality Google document doesn’t stand any where in-front of MS office suite flagship document suite product of Microsoft.

Microsoft would have loved from their side to maintain maximum secrecy regarding any launch of MS office suite app for iPad or Android but the speculation is out there. The Daily has speculated on the release date even.

Google shopping for Quick-office has given give enough credibility to the speculation  of Microsoft launching MS office suite app. Basic question is why MS Office will not launch MS suite app for Smartphone and Tablet. They will launch.

Google document at least cannot compete with MS Office Suite. Best part is Google knew it and did a strategic shopping which can compete with Microsoft office suite.

Plus point of Quick Office:

1. Already a leader with installation in 300 million Smartphone. Provide solution for all the major mobile platforms.

2. High number of new users daily: 60000 new users are added on daily basis and two million new users monthly basis.

3. Cloud service and experience:Connect is a service of Quickoffice which integrates the Quickoffice office editor product with cloud. It enables users to access file stored anywhere. This service is a strategic strength of Quickoffice which allows user almost a universal access to their file. Here Google and Microsoft have launched or redesigned their cloud services few weeks back and Quickoffice has an experience of providing seamless service to users. Naturally a big shopping and smart shopping by Google.

4. Quickoffice is seamless and integrated in nature. It has made their technology evolved in last so many years.

5. With the backup of Google they have the capability to compete with MS office suite.

Google also made the announcement on their blog.

Either we have entered in to the era of new war between Microsoft and Google or Quickoffice will be another diamond addition in the app section of Google Play.

What is the gain’s of Google?

-  Quickoffice will leverage  Android brand in the business section and over all ecosystem of Android.

- Quickoffice will add great value to Google drive.

What You think of the latest Shopping of Google. Tell us.

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