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Google is the most efficient, fastest, accurate and free search engine  service available . It is important to mention that all services of Google is available to consumers freely still Google has remained the one of the most favorite company of wall street.

Google has developed an extremely successful revenue model through Ad sense and it is very good to see that how Google has safeguarded their business of search through a series of innovation,acquisition and a brilliant understanding of internet.

For Google it was very important to stay ahead of their competitors especially Microsoft because of their immense clout in desktop OS business, financial and human resources. Yahoo was never a threat to Google search engine business because they converted themselves in to web portal very early.

In 2ooo only Google forged a partnership with yahoo to become their default search provider.  Today yahoo search is powered by Bing and in reality Yahoo didn’t have that technological ability to compete with Google. Google did one thing which fortified their position as a search engine was that they concentrated on the business of search. Their focus to expand and protect their business of search took them on a path where Google is no more a search company but Google has managed to safeguard their business of search successfully.

Even in early part of the last decade Internet was more about searching website and portals. After the dot-com bubble all the ventures without any great technological concept or content doomed and sanity arrived in the chaotic in digital space.

Google has almost exact idea about how users are interacting with data on internet because of being in business of search. This exact idea helped them to introduce innovative services as per requirement of consumers.

Since its inception internet was evolutionary because of nature of information. Text, picture, video and sound can be considered as major format through which information can be consumed. The major reason for the transformation of internet was a series of innovation which revolutionized the interaction process between consumer and information. Google has the ability to have insight in the future of internet and they were prepared for all the major transformation which was happening on the internet. We can clearly say it when we closely look around the timeline of the Google history and it clearly shows the focus  around search and the accurate understanding about Internet. We will pick acquisitions and new product or services introduced by Google to remain at top of business of search.

2000- Google forges a partnership with yahoo to become their default search provider and in December same year Google toolbar a browser plug-in was launched. In 2000 if there was anything which was dominant on internet which everyone knows was Yahoo. In June Google forged the partnership and in June only Google announced that they have become the largest search engine by indexing one billion URLS.

Google toolbar launch shows that Google knew very early if they have to be a leader in this business then have to make Google available to user in different format.

2001- Google launched image search in July offering 250 million image searches. In 2002 Picasa and 2004 Flickr was launched. Google acquired Picasa in 2004 while Flickr was bought by Yahoo.

The point I am making is Google search engine was prepared for this influx of images on web.

2002- Google news was launched with 4000 news sources and Google product search was launched which was then named Froogle.

2003- Google acquired Pyra labs that created Blogger and Google print was launched which later became Google Book search indexing small excerpts from to appear in search result. WordPress was released on May 27, 2003, by Matt Mullenweg. Today WordPress is used by over 14.7% of Alexa Internet‘s “top 1 million” websites and as of August 2011 manages 22% of all new websites.[5] WordPress is currently the most popular CMS in use on the Internet.

In Google’s perspective important is that they knew that publishing industry is changing and Google did exactly by launching Blogger and Blog search. Google was never in competition with WordPress albeit by launching Blog search in 2005 Google again proved that they are focused.

2004- Google local was introduced, Google SMS, Google desktop search and Google scholar was launched. Google acquired keyhole a digital mapping company which later became Google earth.

2005-  Maps was launched, Google Local goes mobile,  mobile web search was released in which viewing was specially designed for mobile, Blogger mobile was launched, Google earth was unveiled, Blog search goes live, Google Reader goes live and Gmail for mobile was launched. (Gmail was still in Beta phase but Google released it for mobile).

By seeing the number of product which was released for mobile especially GMAIL clearly shows Google clearly knew that mobile is going to be future and if they have to fortify their search business then they have to go for mobile.

2006- Google trends,  news for mobile, Google finance and Google patent search was launched.  Google also bought YouTube which became the top spot for searching and broadcasting videos.

2007- Google partnered with china mobile, GMAIL was opened to everyone, major stride in universal launch, Android was announced by Google as the first open platform for mobile devices in collaboration with other companies and soon Android development challenge of ten million dollar.

Acquiring Android was brilliant move as in January 2007 Apple announced i-phone and Google was prepared for the coming revolution in Internet which was triggered by the concept of Smartphone. Apple changed the way phone should be through I-Phone. In a matter of another ten months T-mobile mobile introduced G-1 an Android based OS Smartphone. Acquiring android was a turning point as it leveled the competition. Windows mobile OS was there but i-phone send each and every other Smartphone makers and mobile platform in tatters. It took more than four years for Microsoft to really come up with a promising windows mobile OS and in these four years android became the obvious choice for every other Smartphone makers.

2008- Google chrome, Google site search and Google partnered with publishers to digitize millions of magazine articles and make them readily available on Google Book Search.

2009- Picasa for Mac app world, Google latitude, Google voice, sky map for Android, Google chrome open source OS was launched.

Google built a whole business of desktop application and documents in an environment which was ruled by MICROSOFT.

2010- Nexus one was launched, Gingerbird latest version of android and Admob was officially acquired by Google.

2011- Acquired Motorola mobility ( a clout of seventeen thousand patents also come), Google+ project launches, Google wallet app available for Nexus, Music beta was launched, Google earth crosses one billion download, Android market exceeds ten billion download marks and Galaxy nexus was launched with Samsung.

Google built a business by providing  innovative services to users in free. Google could never afford to lose their sight from business of search because it is the search business which is producing money for them. 

From introducing the image search engine , to books, maps, news, scholars, earth, buying YouTube, Android and Motorola Mobility at right time clearly show Google always knew that where the tide is going. We can also figure out that these knowledge and insights about internet and consumers has been acquired from their own search engine. Google own product search engine has always guided Google.  There were some failures like Orkut and  Buzz was never able to take off  but  we can say that Google didn’t missed a single opportunity.

Google has maintained a distinct and very high percentage of leadership in the business of search on Internet.


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It will be interesting to see that how Google will fortify the business of search in second decade of twenty-first century.

Information in this article has been directly taken from http://www.google.com/about/company/history.html

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