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Google celebrates Earth day with Google Doodle

Google dedicates the latest Google Doodle to Earth Day. 22 April 1970 was the day when 20 million people in America participated in a movement dedicated to the clean water and air and gave birth to modern environmental movement. 1970 was an amazing tumultuous time when hippie movement in America was at its top and student were protesting against Vietnam war. US senator Gaylord Nelson gave birth to this idea that somehow he can bring the anti-war movement of student to promote the clean air and water, then it will be a national agenda.

He  successfully executed the idea and 22 April 1970 was the day when 20 million people participated in a “national teach in on the environment”. Clean air act, Clean water act and Endangered species act were passed and today Earth Day has become the forefront organization operating worldwide to protect Earth environment and its Species.

For Google Doodle I have to say that it is one the simplest design I have seen in recent times. Another interesting aspect of this Google Doodle is if you will click on this Google Doodle then first rank of search result is the official website of EarthDay. Maximum time it is Wikipedia. 

What You are doing for Earth on Earth Day?

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