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Google Doodle Honors Robert “Bob” Moog Inventor of Moog Synthesizer






Google is celebrating Robert’s Moog 78th birthday by designing  fully Playable Moog Synthesizer Google Doodle . This is one of the most awesome Google Doodle  which is a complete digital version of Robert Moog’s Analog Synthesizer.

The first Moog Synthesizer was demonstrated in 1964 and it revolutionized the music during 60-70s.

Now you can create your own music using Moog Synthesizer on the Google home page and can use  Mixer, Oscillators, Filters and Envelope to make all sorts sound effects  not only you can create your own music but you can record it also , the box at right is a tape recorder, you can record and replay your music by clicking the red button on this tape recorder. If you are logged in to Google You can also share your music which you created on Google Doodle Moog Synthesizer on Google+.

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Robert “Bob” Moog was an Born on May 23, 1934 and had a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from Cornell University.Moog created the first voltage-controlled subtractive synthesizer to use a keyboard as a controller. Moog founded two companies for manufacturing electronic musical instruments.In 2002 Moog was honored with a Special Merit Grammy Award for his contribution to music. Moog died of brain tumor on August 21, 2005.

You can also share the Robert Moog Google Doodle on Google+ directly. If you want to share the Google Doodle on any other Social Media network then there is link provided just beside the Google+ sign from where you can copy the Link and paste it on Social Media of your choice.

The latest Google Doodle is a special one and Google has explained the Bob Moog Sonic doodler on official blog of Google.

Google explains how Bob Moog synthesizer Doodle works on Google Official blog

[highlighter color="gray" ]Much like the musical machines Bob Moog created, this doodle was synthesized from a number of smaller components to form a unique instrument. When experienced withGoogle Chrome, sound is generated natively using the Web Audio API—a doodle first (for other browsers the Flash plugin is used). This doodle also takes advantage ofJavaScriptClosure librariesCSS3 and tools like Google Web Fonts, the Google+ API, the Google URL Shortener and App Engine.[/highlighter]

The following photo of Google Doodle explains the keys and how to use it?

We would like to tell our  readers that if you are viewing Google Doodle on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari then it is possible that Google Doodle will not perform to the best. We tried the Latest Google Doodle on these three browser and there was  a common message from Google.

Upgrade to a modern browser and see what this Doodle can really do“. The modern browser is non other that Chrome.

Tell us what is the difference you are finding when you are viewing Google Doodle browsers other than Chrome.

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