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Google has introduced next version of Android Jelly Bean

Google has introduced next version of Android which is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in Google I/O 12 conference by Hugho Barr. While developing Jelly Bean  ”Project Butter” was introduced so that the UI could be fast and fluid.

UI has been improoved on three parameters.

1. VSync: Jelly Bean system frame rate is consistent.The display refresh has been extended to the entire Android Framework.

2. Tripple Buffering in Graphics Pipeline: Introduction of tripple buffering in Graphics pipeline allows GPU, CPU and display to run in Parallel. It has helped in bringing more consistency in to the rendering framework and make’s Android ecosystem more smoother. It has fastened the process scrolling, rendering and gaming in Android ecosystem.

3.Touch Responsiveness: Jelly Bean touch response is anticipating in nature and touch activates CPU by sending all the power to CPU.

Other enhancement:

1. Jelly Bean is Home screen is customization process is intelligent in itself.

2. Jelly Bean dictionary is far more accurate than its earlier version.

3. Bigram algorithmic is introduced which predict the text a user will type after first word.

4. Google speech recognizer which runs in the Google data center is not inside Jelly Bean and it works offline also. Now a user can type an e-mail far more faster and easier way than the previous version of Android. At present offline voice recognition toll is available for US English only and soon other languages will also be added. Eighteen other languages will be added as soon as possible.

5. Gesture note is also introduced in Jelly Bean which allow blind user’s to navigate UI by using touch and swipe gesture with voice. Support for external  Braile equipment is available through blutooth.

6. In Jelly Bean camera will allow you to take on picture’s and review them quickly. Deleting picture’s and app’s is a fun in Jelly Bean.

7. In Jelly Bean You can send song’s, picture’s and videos by just tapping the phone. NFC enabled Bluetooth devices can be paired like speaker or headset by just tapping two devices.

8. In terms Notification’s  Android is way ahead of its competitor and in Jelly Bean it has become far more better.

9. In Jelly Beans Google has reinvented search from scratch. 

The voice search is an amazing and it talks back while providing the answer. It also produce the web search result. Google now is an extremely new service which Google has introduced in Jelly Bean. The basic premise behind Google Now will assist on its own to help the user. It increases the smartness of the Smartphone. Google Now can be considered as the first step in making Android an AI OS. Jelly Bean will be available to opensource starting from mid July. the handset in which it will be released are Motorola Xoom, Galaxy s III and Nexus 7.

Google will now also provide a beta version of PDK (Platform Development Kit) to OEM and Chip-set maker so that they can develop in Parallel with Android development. Jelly Bean is a new version of Android 4.1. The highlighted feature was shared with audience during keynote.

What do you think about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean?

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