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Google has launched a redesigned Google search app for i-Phone



Google has redesigned the Google search app for i-Phone. Google search app is going to be the coolest app of app store. It is simply beautiful and from here i-Phone user can access all the apps from one place. An i-Phone user can search by



3. By camera.

i-Phone users can search fast through latest Google search app

Search result through auto-completion is very fast. Interface is designed so beautifully that control of a user on the Google search app is excellent while using it. When a user will click on a search result the page will open in Google search ecosystem only. Search result will remain intact and through swapping your page i-Phone user can go back to search results.


users can easily swap between search mode by using swap menu.



Swipe the page panel to right and user can again view the search results.

Image search: It will be fun to use the image search. I tried on my BlackBerry and the Google search app was clearly able to identify the model but the result were not same when I tried to search for my HTC wildfire or IBM think-pad. Still it is great start and the more voice and image search will happen the better it will be. It will produce great result for any subject, object, topic which is famous.

The clearer the image better the search will be. User can save any image on their i-Phone.



Users can access all the Google apps from Google search from web or on their i-Phone. We would say that Google has integrated itself inside the ecosystem of Apple.

The announcement was made on the official blog  of Google.

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