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Google has launched Wonder of the world


Google has launched Wonder of the world. Google is constantly in quest of delivering the information around the world with best experience. Wonder of the world is the latest addition Google has launched Google cultural institute. The Google culture institute helps preserve and promote culture online.

Google has partnered with UNESCO, World Monument Fund and Getty images to bring Wonder of the World alive for every people around the world. A user can search and browse Wonder of the world region and category wise. Asia, Australia, North America, South America, Europe are the five regions and from these regions a user can search by using ten themes. Google is also promoting today on Google search.

How this project will impact?

Google cultural institute is already transforming in to a unique knowledge center. The latest addition will add a lot of value for

1. Academia.

2. Students.

3. Researcher.

4. Normal Public who just want to have a great visual experience of wonders of world and no one can provide it better than Google wonders of world.

5. Any tourist can use the street view around these wonders of world and they can have far better relatedness with the places.

I always think that What is the benefit Google gets through spending millions of dollar on these project. I can think of following reason.

1. Google wants to be relevant as much a s possible.

2. Google wants to be the best source of searching & providing  these information with extraordinary visual experience.

3. These projects create great value for people around world and so an extraordinary brand value and respect for Google also.

Tell us your views about the Google wonder’s of the world project.

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