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Google honors Mies van der Rohe through Google Doodle


Google has honored Mies van der Rohe through latest Google Doodle which has been live since few hours. It has been a tradition in Google to celebrate the birthdays of artist, scientist and engineer through  Google Doodle. The design of Google Doodle will be similar to the work for which that particular artist is famous.

Mies van der rohe is considered as one of the pioneer of modern architecture and has influenced the twentieth century architecture with his simplicity and clarity.

Event the Google Doodle is designed exactly in same way for which he is famous. The latest Google Doodle is a building made of industrial steel and frame glass. On the front of the Glass Frame Google is clearly visible.

Mies was an German architect born on march 27 1886 – August 17 1969. He died as an American Citizen.

Information related to Mies van der rohe is prepared through the help of Wikipedia. For more information on  Mies van der Rohe visit


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