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Google has introduced Google play

Google has added a new tab Google Play on its search engine. Now what is Google play and why Google has launched this new service.

In first look when we clicked on the tab Play the landing page appeared as gaming service but when it started digging in to Google Play, we may have been able to peek in to Google strategy for future. First about what is Google Play.

Google play is a digital content experience service based on cloud. Google play define itself as one-stop shop for everyone and it has something for everyone. Following content a user can expect on Google Play.



Apps and Games 


The above category of content which Google has launched Globally except the content which is not available outside united sates like Google Music is only available at Unites states. Google play is the new avatar of Android Market and aligned to compete with iTunes and Amazon for digital content market share.

Google play is based on cloud and and the content is available any where. User just need to log in to their account. While using Google Play a user don’t need to sync their device with Google play. They can directly use and enjoy their content from Google Play. Google play is cloud based and it is free to use or store their content.

At present Google play boast 450000 apps and millions of songs and books on Google play. From renting move to books, Music and application everything is available on Google Play. No doubt that Google play will take some time to have the same level of digital content as Amazon and i-tunes have but it has certainly boosted the brand value of Android devices. A feature like Google Play was certainly missing from the environment of Android and with addition of Google Play on Android devices  will indeed provide a very high level of digital content experience and for payment mode Google wallet is used.

Google play is an environment from where you buy the content like music, books and rent movies and store your content on Google Play cloud only. You can play your music offline also.

Sharing facility is also available where you can share some-line of the book on your Google plus circle and or text message it. Google play will replace Android market on Android device. Google play is the first move from Google to transform the user experience on android based devices. Google play is cloud based which provides the user of device for unlimited access to digital content directly through their device.






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