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Google has introduced account activity

Google has introduced account activity through which Google account user be able to know about their activity in last one month. Google is constantly introducing new application and process to streamline all of its activity. Today Google announced on his official blog about this new service.

Google has launched this new service as we can perceive from their post are

- Increasing the security of Google account because users will be able to know everything about their activity.

- Google is launching a line of services through which Google is constantly transforming itself and allowing its user to adapt Google as a ecosystem and use it by being inside it.

To have an access to Google activity a person has to opt for it and he will receive a monthly report from Google.

What a user can expect from account activity is

You can expect a complete statistical preview of all the services, apps you have used by signing in to Google account. There is a 100% certainty that your email account report will be perfect because to use your email account you have to always sign in.

From your web search history statistics, Locations from you logged in to your account and how you have spend your time on Google. Certainly it will increase the probability of people to use Google by signing in to the account.



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