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Google has introduced Nexus 7: takes on Apple and Amazon for digital content market

Google has introduced Nexus 7 Tablet to support and optimize the content experience of Google Play. There were rounds of speculation that Google will introduce a tablet to take iPad and Microsoft. Instead Google gas avoided any direct confrontation with Apple by introducing Nexus 7 as Microsoft did with Surface.

By introducing Nexus to market Google is competing with two companies.

 Amazon: With Amazon Google is competing directly on two business front.

Hardware: Trough Nexus 7 Google will compete with Kindlefire head on.

Digital Content:The business front on which Google will compete with Amazon is digital content from ebooks , movies, songs, TV series and many more.

Apple: Google will compete with Apple head on on every-front Apple is selling through iTunes and App store.  Google has avoided any direct confrontation on hardware with Apple which is a smart strategy.

We have to wait for some time when Google and Microsoft will introduce hardware which will compete with Apple directly.

Google introduced Nexus 7

as ” A superthin light and portable yet we have manged to pack a lot in this device”

Specification of the Nexus:

Nexus 7 is build by Asus and will be sold under Google brand.

Display: 1280*800 HD Display.

Performance: Tegra 3 Chipset with a quadcore CPU and 12 core GPU.

Camera: Front Facing Camera.

Connectivity: WIFI, Bluetooth

Gyroscope and Accelerometer is available which will help in high performance gaming.

Battery: 9 hrs of video playback and 300 hrs standby time.

Weight: 340 gm.

Nexus 7 is designed with three goals in mind

1 Best possible Google Play experience.

2. Google apps should work beautifully .

3. support the next generation of Google apps and games.

Nexus 7 is optimized for reading books and magazine. The personal library of books is powered by Cloud.

Nexus 7 is build to use all the application of Google perfectly. Chrome will be shipped as a standard browser for Nexus 7. You Tube is also optimized for Nexus 7. Nexus 7 will also support offline maps and Nexus 7 user can download all the data of map for a particular place and use it online. The Google currents app any bring the power of translation to any website while maintaining the experience of reading.





Price: Price of Nexus 7 is $199 and at present it is available in US, Canada, Australia and UK. Nexus 7 is available from today. $25 credit will be given on Google Play and free digital content will also be provided to buyer.

Nexus 7 is build to create a platform for Google in the business of digital content. The strategy of Google is to put this Gadget in the hand maximum number of people.

Tell us are you going to buy Nexus 7. Do you think with Nexus 7 Google will be able to take on Amazon and Apple.

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