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Google report’s rise in request of content censorship


Google has published a report which is not alarming but certainly indicates some clear indication that Goverments through out world want to censor content on internet. It is the first time Google has published a report having such data under Google Transparency report. The premise on which Google has released this data as a tool which will help in discussion about the appropriate scope and authority of Governments request.

One interesting point which we would like to point out to our readers that as per Google these request are by no means exhaustive still they have released the data.

The data which is released by Google is from  July 2009 to Dec 2011 and divided in a period of six months. The report which provided by Google is of six month gaps. The report can be seen here.

All the request which has been made are not Political in nature. Many request which has been made by the Government has validity which will be beneficial for the citizens of that country.

For Example:

In one case UK office of fair trading requested Google to remove ads which were related to scams. Google accepted the request and removed 93,360 items.

The nature of request are

1. Political.

2. Defamation and impersonation.

3. On the the grounds of local laws, religion and disruptions  of Harmony between two community.

India has regularly requested to remove content from the Google and the percentage of the rise of request from India has been once 123% and another time is 49%.

There are many times  Google has not complied with the request made by Governments and they have not removed the content. In one case Google received request from local law enforcement authority to remove videos on YouTube of police brutality which Google never removed.

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