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Google revealed Google Glass to world

Google has introduced Google Glass to the world and it is long term project for Google. Lots of information related to Google Glass was provided by Google in Google 12 I/O conference.There was nothing specific Google revealed that how Google Glass will shape in Future but Google share a lot about the current status of the project Glass.

Google Glass has a:

1. Visual Display.

2. Camera to capture picture and record videos

3. Powerful Processor and storage.

4. Touch panel to interact with the devise.

5. Microphone and speaker which can collect audio information.

6. Gyroscope, accelerometer and compass to keep the device aware of its position relative to the body.

7. It has multiple radios for data communication.

The lead designer of Google Glass Isabelle olsson explained design perspective of Google Glass.

1. It is physically and visually light.

2. Technology should allow you to interact with physical world without any distraction that’s why the visual is above the eyes.

3. Google Glass design is asymmetrical but it is balanced.

Google has embarked on the journey of making Google Glass because of two reason.

1. Communication with images.

2. Rapid access to information.

3. Google Glass alows you to capture the picture through first person point of view.

Google aim is to transfer Google in to the Google glass so that people access to information should be very fast.  It will take some good amount of time for Google to evolve Google Glass technology to that level but that is the future of Google Glass.

Google has taken another step in to the evolution of Glass. US based developer community of Google I/O could buy the Google Glass explorer community so that they could help to develop the to tool. Any one who is buying Google Glass will have to pay $1500 and it will be shipped to them early next year that is after seven to eight months after paying the money. The chances of Google Glass not being introduced to consumers in 2013 is also very high.

It is a smart strategy to throw the technology in to developer’s community which will shape the future of the technology. Google Glass has to spend lots of time in Google lab and developer’s lab before it will be really available for consumer’s.

Google Glass is an ultimate piece of wearable technology but it is still in its nascent phase. Let us see how Google Glass will evolve.

What are your views about Google Glass and wearable computing.

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