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Google is saving the Endangered Language

Google is on a mission to save all the information available on Earth. In its latest attempt to achieve their mission, Google has launched Endangered Language Project. Google has promoted this website for people who want to find most updated and comprehensive information about endangered language. There are 3000 documents which is on the verge of extinction. The  number of language which is spoken on  earth bu Humans is 7000.

Alliance of Linguistic diversity has backed Endangered Language Project will provide those people who are interested in preserving language a place to store and access the research. If you will visit the website of endangered language it also shows the number of language who are on the verge of extinction geographically through out world.

In developing and launching this project Google has played an extremely important role but long-term success of this project depend on the communities and activist who wants to save and preserve these endangered language. Google will hand over this project to First People Cultural Council and The Institute For Language Information and Technology. FPCC will devise the outreach and strategy and LINGUIST list will play the role of technical lead.

Catalogue of endangered language will share the research about the world’s most threatened languages. This project will be lead by the teams at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and Eastern Michigan University. Endangered Language are getting fund from National Science Foundation.

Google.org has also invited organization who are interested in joining this effort. Google has said

 We invite interested organizations to join the effort. By bridging independent efforts from around the world we hope to make an important advancement in confronting language endangerment. This project’s future will be decided by those inspired to join this collaborative effort for language preservation. We hope you’ll join us.

As we have seen Google is consistently working very hard to save and promote culture and language. What do you think about the effort of Google. Watch this beautiful video.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]Bn2QbwcjmOI[/youtube]



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