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Google helping Online Shoppers and Online Stores


Google is on move to be a part of every business activity which is happening on Internet and the latest addition is Google Trusted Store program.  The main reason behind Google launching Google trusted store program because of online shopper’s nervousness of buying a shop they don’t know. Google has created the latest Google Trusted Store Program program to provide online shopper a better experience of online shopping.

Google will provide the badge based on 100000 transactions on two parameters:

1. Reliable Shipping.

2. Service: Overall experience.

Online retailers will receive Google Trusted Badge that will leverage the credibility of the Online Retailers. Google trusted store program has two benefits:

1. It will increase the choices which online shopper has except the big online players.

2. Under the umbrella of Google, Online Retailers big or small will be able to leverage their brand credibility. If a small online retailers has received a Google trust badge then it will increase the value of Online brand. These brand would have never been able to fight or compete with big players but now they have a far better and fair chance.

Google is testing Google Trusted Store Program since last nine months and about the response Google Point is:

[highlighter color="gray" ]“We’ve been testing the program since last fall with about 50 online merchants and more than 10 million orders. It’s working even better than we hoped, generating positive feedback from shoppers and increasing sales for merchants. Starting today, Google Trusted Stores is open to all U.S. merchants who want to apply”.[/highlighter]

Online Retailers who have participated in this program has been able to increase their sale’s. Few of the 50 participants are:

beau-coup.com, justbats.com, wayfair.com and fifteen of them has been able to improve their total performance (As per the information provided by Google).

Why Google is wasting their time in Google Trusted Store Program which is free to join. First of all we should always remember that Google is a master of transforming a free service in to a viable business model. Soon the badges will start appearing on the ads on Google.com and Google Shopping.

The only conclusion we can come across is through “Google Trusted Store Program” Google is creating an ecosystem of online shopping which revolves around the services provided by Google.

Watch this video.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]FKXPeIeKYd8[/youtube]


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