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LG Electronics will launch: Google T.V


LG Electronics has scheduled the launch of the Google T.V as reported by Reuters in last of May as L.G is trying to gain more market share in the market of US. TheJakarta Post also reported the news said “LG executive Ro Seog-ho, executive vice president of the firm’s TV business unit, said it will finish producing the 47-inch and 55-inch 3-D capable TV sets running on Google’s upgraded Android platform 2.0 next week and have it ready for U.S. consumers in the week of May 21″.

Display industry is waiting for the storm which will be created when Apple will Launch their own T.V in the later Part of the Year. Google is seriously trying to have a market share in the market of Display. Last year Google suffered setback in their ambition in the market of T.V when Logitech and Sony T.V receives disappointing sales and later Logitech abandoning the technology.

Google ambition with T.V is more directly related to the market of digital content. L.G Electronics will be the first one to launch second generation of the smart T.V and this move will be followed by Sony, Samsung Electronics and Vizio. The biggest competition which every player will face with Apple is their extraordinary integration of software, hardware and digital content delivery. The tightly integrated devices of Apple provide extraordinary experience to Consumers.

The foremost question which every manufacturer will ask to them-self is can they provide the same level of digital content experience which Apple T.V will be able to provide?

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