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Nelson Mandela digital archives Launched by Google

Google cultural institute has launched the Nelson Mandela digital archives in collaboration with Nelson Mandela center of Memory. The aim of this website as the information provided  on its home page “is to locate, document, digitise, and provide access to all archival materials related to Nelson Mandela”.

Last year Google has donated 1.25 million dollar to the Nelson Mandela center of Memory which was used to convert each and every document related to Nelson Mandela in to a digital archives. The website which is a digital museum of Nelson Mandela is launched today only. The website has depicted the life of Nelson Mandela in depth. On home page viewers can find about him in six dimensions and one dimension from the lenses of  Benny Gool under headline “My Moment with a legend“.

The other six dimensions are

Early life

Prison Years

Presidential years


Book for Nelson Mandela

Young People

Other projects which which Google Cultural institute has launched are

Art project

Dead scroll Sea project

La France En relief

A liquid Galaxy digital display of Paris in 2020

Remembering the Holocaust

Google has its digital way of making the difference.

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