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Nevada DMV issues License to Google self driving Cars

The Nevada department of Motor Vehicles has reported on their official website on Monday that Nevada DMV has approved the  Google license application to test autonomous vehicles on Nevada Public Roads. Google self driven car test license has been first of its kind in United states under new laws and regulation.

Before issuing the license  the car has been tested on the along freeways, state highways and neighborhoods both in Carson City and the busy Las Vegas Strip.  A special number plate has been designed for the test vehicle which will be easily recognizable by Public and Law enforcement. The Logo design is:

The director of Nevada DMV Bruce Breslow said about Logo design “I felt using the infinity symbol was the best way to represent the “car of the future”. When there comes a time that vehicle manufactures market autonomous vehicles to the public, that infinity symbol will appear on a green license plate.

Google is the first company to file an application with the Nevada DMV to test their self autonomous system. To file for an application for a license in Nevada DMV any automobile company or individual has to submit:

- Proof that one or more of your autonomous vehicles have been driven for a combined minimum of at least 10,000 miles.

-Complete description of your autonomous technology

-Detailed safety plan

-Plan for hiring and training your test drivers.

As per Nevada DMV other automobile manufacturers have also shown interest in these Licenses. So it may be in recent future we will see other license being approved.

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