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Nexus Q: First Social streaming Device

Nexus Q is the world first social streaming device which is introduced to the world in Google  12 I/O conference.

“The combination of Software, hardware and cloud is opening an entire new world of possibility” 

Nexus Q is the first product of this possibility. Nexus Q was started as a “Project Tungsten” and it is powered by Android and Google Play.

Joe Britt  Engineering Director defined Nexus Q as

” It is a small Android Power computer, that’s designed to live in your home and it plugs in to the best speaker and TV in your house and it is always connected to the Cloud” 

Features of Nexus Q:

- It is tightly integrated to Google play which makes streaming music and video very easy.

- Nexus Q is controlled by Android based Smartphone and tablets.

-Nexus Q will always stream video from Google play.

- Nexus Q is a cloud connected device in which any one can bring their music, movie from Google Play.

Nexus Q is way ahead of Microsoft Smartglass in terms of innovative design and  cloud based sharing through Google Play.

Watch this video of the introduction of Nexus Q.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]s1Y5dDQW4TY[/youtube]


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