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Oracle Claims against Google Copying 37 JAVA API’S in Android dismissed



Thumping win for Google against Oracle which has fortified Android OS position in the Smartphone industry. Android OS is a goldmine which Google has developed very carefully against Apple. In 2007 Google launched Android software program for Mobile devices. In 2012 Oracle bought Sun Micro-system which has developed Java. Oracle filled a law suit against Google that their Android Platform has infringed Oracle Java related copyrights and patents.


Android is the biggest bet of Google till date to get the dominance as a platform in Internet world. Oracle  America vs Google Inc case has gained the attention of millions and two industry Software and Smartphone. If Judge William Aslup would have given the judgement in the favor of  Oracle it would have changed the course of two industry Software and Smartphone.


Oracle main claim was ” Google had replicated the structure, sequence and organization of the overall code for the 37 API packages”.

The judgement how ever has not dealt with issue that API’s can be copyrighted or not. The judgement exclusively says that


“This order doesn’t hold that java API packages are free for all to use without license. It doesn’t hold that the structure, sequence and organization of all other computer programs may be stolen.

So it leave with the question unanswered that API’s come’s under copyright or not.


The judgement has made one thing verbally clear that the particular elements replicated by Google were free for all to use. Judgement in favor of Google is a big blow to Oracle dreams of earning billion of dollars through licensing.

You can read the judgement here.

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