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The Story of Send: How your Email travels from Google


If anything on internet has achieved a status of commodity  it is E-mail. In 2012 we can say that E-mail is one of the few things which has become commodity of the world of Internet. Gmail is also a synonymous of Email. Google started free Gmail service on beta basis on 1st April 2004 and in another eight years Gmail went on to become the most dominated Email service in world.

Recently Google posted a very interesting post on their official Google blog which depicts the story of how email travels. Google has come up with a very interesting site story of send .

It all starts with send. Do you know what happens to your email when you click Send button on Gmail.

1. The time you click on your send button and your mail leaves the your ISP and enter an internet backbone router, Google tries to pick the message as early as possible. Google has also built a massive internet backbone across US.

2.Safety and security: Safety and security of Email is an extremely important parameter and Google has set highest standard for safety and security of Your Emails. The data center of Google are at highest priority. Google has  applied  very high level of Physical security , data security and operations of data centers. The following video from Google explain’s how data are saved in Google.


[youtube width="500" height="300"]1SCZzgfdTBo[/youtube]


3. Google is one the major internet service company which has worked a lot to make their data center green. Google is one the major company which has gained external certification for their high environment standards.

[youtube width="500" height="300"]yzJfNP5sAao[/youtube]

Some of the amazing qualities of Google Data center.

1. Recycling is a major part of Google approach towards environment. 100% of the electronic equipment that leaves Google data center is recycled.

Saving energy has always been of one the major concern and Google has always raised the bar.





In the data centers of Google processing of your data happens which includes duplication for backups, virus scan and spam filters. Google made their hardware on their own which suits their requirement and their servers are 93% efficient.

Google prefers to buy green energy somewhere near from their data center.

The whole story which Google is telling about the how an Email travels has two parts.

1. It tells us in reality that How an Email travels.

2. It also portrays Google efforts on securing your data and how Google is balancing their impact on Environment.

Try the website and get a beautiful personalize narration of the story of send from Google only . It will help you to know Google better.

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