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Who is Dennis Woodside?


Google has announced that Motorola Mobility deal is closed and Dennis Woodside has taken the charge Motorola Mobility as CEO and Chairman. Motorola Mobility was not a hot property in Smartphone world but the time Google bought it, Motorola became the company which will go for an head on competition with Apple.

Who is Dennis Woodside?

As the information provided by Larry Page CEO of Google.

1.Dennis Woodside is a logtime Googler.

2. He is team builder has delivered on the biggest bet’s of Google.

3. He has build Google business Middle East Africa, Easter Europe and Russia.

4. He has helped to increase the revenue of Google in US from $10.8 billion to $17.5 billion in less than three years as president of America region.

Bloomberg Business week also provide information on Dennis woodside Career prior to Google.

[highlighter color="gray" ]Prior to Google, Mr. Woodside served as an Associate Partner at McKinsey and Company, where he led operational and strategy projects for multinational clients in the technology and media industries. Earlier, Mr. Woodside managed complex mergers and acquisitions in aerospace, energy, media and finance industries, representing companies such as Berkshire Hathaway and Southern California Edison. He served as an Associate editor of the Stanford Law Review at Stanford Law School. He served as Law clerk to the Honorable Dennis G. Jacobs in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit in New York. Mr. Woodside received a J.D. from Stanford Law School and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations from Cornell University[/highlighter]

Dennis Woodside is also listed on the noted alumni list of Stanford Law School Wikipedia page.

Bloomberg has reported “Apple (AAPL) CEO Tim Cook had been trying to poach Woodside to make him Apple’s head of sales, but Google had convinced Woodside to stay, in part by promising him greater responsibility at the search company”. Apple is known to create the best team in the world.

Somewhere Tim Cook was right in hiring Dennis Woodside and the man Apple CEO was trying to poach went on to be the CEO and Chairman of Motorola Mobility. Motorola Mobility can be considered as first serious competitor which Apple will face on all fronts since 2007.

1. Operating System.

2. Smartphone and Tablets.

3. Applications.

4. Digital Content.

Why Google has appointed Dennis Woodside as the CEO of Motorola Mobility?

1.Dennis Woodside is long time Googler. He knows eastern Europe, Russia and East Africa. He has developed Google business in these region from scratch. Before Joining Google He was a consultant in McKinsey.

2.He has also helped to increase the revenue of Google in most competitive online market in world that America form $10.8 billion to $17.5 billion as president of the region. He is a man who develop business through sales.

3. Dennis Woodside knew exactly how to start from scratch and build a business. One thing which appears by seeing all the information which is available on internet is He has a crystal clear clarity. He has no experience of hardware business still Google has appointed him as CEO of Motorola Mobility which is considered as biggest bet of Google till date.

As Larry Page as pointed out that Dennis Woodside is a team builder and he know’s how to rally his team. Dennis Woodside as a Lawyer and Consultant for Mckinsey and as Executive who has worked extensively to develop business for Google in different regions has wear many hats.

4. Dennis Woodside is triathlete mean’s extremely fit and energetic to lead the company to capture the market share of Apple.

Google expectation’s  from Dennis Woodside?

1. Motorola Mobility will be run as a separate identity where Google will maintain the iconic Logo of Motorola. Dennis Woodside should run Motorola Mobility without any cultural fictions. Motorola Mobility is an 85 year old iconic US company and its parent company Google is 14 year old entity. Clashes are bound to happen between a 85 year old culture and 14 year old culture. One of his most difficult job will be ” Smooth merger of two cultures”.

2. To develop Motorola Mobility as a platform which can develop an integrated ecosystem for Android.

3. Developing a high level of coordination between Android and Motorola Team.

3. Motorola Mobility and Google will on Radar of all the other Hardware companies like Samsung, LG and HTC who have devoted last three years in developing there hardware ecosystem for Android. Google and Motorola Mobility has to develop a very high level of trust.

How Dennis Woodside will transform Motorola Mobility in to an agile, innovative and integrated hardware platform will decide  future of Google.

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