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Have you tried Zerg Rush on Google Search


Do you know why Zerg Rush is trending on Twitter and Google+?

Zerg Rush the latest humor of Google to keep their user amused. Type Zerg Rush on Google search engine and small circle will start appearing on the scree and they will decimate the search result one by one. You can also play by decimating these circles with clicks of your mouse.

When the Game will end your Google screen will look like above picture and on right top hand side you can find the count of circles you have decimated.

In video games rushing is analogous to Human Wave attack in real ground warfare. Speed and surprise are the tactics used to decimate the enemy even before they could do any effective retaliations. In StarCraft rushing tactic was named Zerg Rush.

Try it. It is funny and humorous.

Zerg Rush first trended on Google+ then on Twitter.

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