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Airtel 4g services is launched in kolkatta

Airtel 4g is officially launched in Kolkata and with this launch Airtel has started venturing in to the world of 4G. Airtel has named the device 4G LTE or Long Term Evolution and it is available in Kolkata. With this launched Airtel has become the first carrier to start 4G services in India.

As per the information provided on the website of Airtel 4g about this Latest service 4G LTE or Long term evolution  are

  • Speed- Downloading speed will be 100 MBPS and uploading speed is around 40 MB.
  • Device- At present it is available in two format that is a USB modem/stick and Airtel4G LTE indoor wireless gateway.

Airtel 4G USB Modem:

Airtel 4G LTE wireless indoor gateways:

with this launch Airtel has declared a new race in telecommunication sector of India which is already recovering from the recent dismissal of 123 2G licences by the supreme court of India. Airtel is targeting people as well as enterprises through this latest Airtel 4G service. There is no report of when Airtel 4G will be launched in Mumbai or other parts of India.

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