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ISRO successfully launches: RISAT 1 satellite through PSLV C19

ISRO successfully launches RISAT1 satellite using PSLV -C19 today morning at 05:47 hours from Sriharikota in Orissa. PSLV-C19 has  injected RISAT-1 satellite into an orbit of 480 km altitude at an inclination of 97.552o. Using thrusters onboard the satellite, RISAT 1 has been configured in to its final orbit at 536 km. The 71 hours countdown for the launch was started at 06:47 hours on 23 April.

RISAT-1- Radar imaging Satellite.

PSLV- Polar Satellite launch vehicle. 

RISAT 1 is India’s first radar imaging satellite and it is also the heaviest one weighing 185 kg which is launched by PSLV. PSLV C19 is the high end version of (PSLV XL) with six extended strap-on motors with each carrying 12 tonnes of solid propellant. PSLV C19 launched RISAT 1 in his third flight. Two earlier flight of PSLV C19 were used to launch Chandrayaan 1 and GSAT 12 communication satellite.

Radar Imaging Satellite-1 (RISAT 1) is ignominiously built  Microwave Remote Sensing Satellite carrying a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) payload operating in C-Band (5.35 GHZ), which enables imaging of the earth surface features during both day and night under all weather condition. The mission life of RISAT 1 is five years and RISAT 1 will generate power from sun.

Active Microwave remote sensing capabilities of RISAT 1 proved for cloud penetration and day night imaging capabilities. It will help in paddy monitoring and management of natural disaster like flood and cyclone.



The image clarity of C- band Synthetic Aperture Radar. Few days back DRDO added another feather in the defense infrastructure of India by successfully launching Agni V and entered in to the exclusive club ICBM. Step by step there are many organization in India like DRDO, ISRO ( India Space Research Organization) are  boosting Indian technology capabilities in Space and defense.

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