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Have you joined the The Internet Defense League


The Internet Defense League is a joint effort from major websites around the world to defend the freedom of Internet.

On 18th January 2012 will always be remembered in history when Internet went on strike for first time. It was certainly a great experience that Internet can also go on strike. The reason to go for a strike was two bills SOPA and PIPA backed by Hollywood. The protest was lead by Jimmy Wales CEO of Wikipedia.com world largest free encyclopedia.

In last one year there is a constant effort from Governments all over the world to censor or control the flow of information. Social media website like Facebook, Twitter and whistle-blower site wikileaks.org played a great role in Arab Springs. It has send the conventional establishment to rethink their strategy.

Last time the strike on Internet was an effective one but it was not a organized effort from the netizens around the world. As I can clearly tell that SOPA and PIPA was almost an unknown concept on Indian online scenario. There was a complete lack of information about SOPA and PIPA bill on conventional media, Social media and online bloggers.


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Ignorance is bliss and millions of netizens who could have shown their support against SOPA and PIPA did nothing. I can think of two primary reason behind the lack of worldwide outrage was:

1. Lack of knowledge of the situation in which Internet is censored.

2. Organized and prepared protest.

The Internet Defense League is an organized effort to counter any effort from the governments to censor Internet. It has just started and has received support from Reddit, WordPress, EPF and Public Knowledge. It is in starting phase and in near future many major sites in the world will certainly join them.

The only power The Internet defense League will have number’s and from every part of the world. So you have joined “The Internet Defense League” or not? We have forwarded our support. What do you think about the latest effort to counter any threat to censor Internet? Tell us what you think.

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