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Kindle Owners: Here comes Harry Potter seven series free

Jeff Bezos moved his wand and seven series of Harry Potter is inside Kindle Fire. Amazon is working day by day to make kindle the most valuable a Gadget a human can own. From June 19th all seven series of Harry Potter series will be added in to Kindle owners lending Library. Harry potter series will be available in five language ( English, French, Italian, German and Spanish). As per the information available on Amazon website Amazon has bought an exclusive license of Harry Potter from J.K Rowling’s. No amount is mentioned in the information about the money paid by Amazon to J.K Rowlings for License.

The Lending Library is one of the most attractive features of Kindle ecosystem. Kindle Lending Library has 14500 thousand books to borrow for free. It also includes 100 current and former New York times best sellers. The latest star studded addition is Seven series of Harry Potter and that is also in five language. One of the best features of Lending Library for you don’t have to wait for lending and there are no due dates and one thing more there are no limits on how many simultaneous people can borrow same title.

The economics of this latest addition is going to impact many market excessively. Lets see

Kindle Price- $79

Kindle Fire- $199

Kindle touch- $99

Cost of seven series of Harry Potter:

On Amazon:

Harry Potter Paper Back Box Set 1-7: $50.85

Harry Potter Kindle Edition 1-7: $62

Harry Potter Paper Back Hardcover Edition 1-6:  $157.90 (J.K Rowling’s and illustrator Marry Grand Pre

On Barnes and Noble:

Harry Potter Paper Back Box set: $ 50

Harry Potter Boxed set compete 7 Edition: $114

If we will observe the economics of latest addition is clearly to boost the sale of Kindle. The latest move will indeed enrich the Kindle ecosystem but out there will pay heavy price for this move. Over all we can say that it is an extraordinary move from Amazon at least all the buyers who are buying Harry Potter will Certainly think, Forget Harry Potter buy Kindle. Kindle magic is Harry Potter is free.

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