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Mars One historical space exploration and greatest reality show



Mars One is the latest entry in to the market of Space and their plans is the most ambitious and adventurous space exploration till date in the history of Human civilization. The aim of Mars One is ” Human Settlement of Mars in 2023″.

In last decade we have seen that venture like Virgin Atlantic, Space X has been started and they are flourishing also. Mars One is a project of new paradigm and goals which has never been tried in the human exploration of history.

1. By 2023 Mars One will establish first Human settlement on Mars and in 2033 there will forty Human being living on Mars for whole of their life developing it as a first space colony for Human Beings.

2. Mars One is started by young people. Bas Lansdorp is the person who has envisioned this project. He is know for Ampyx Power. Arno Wielders another team member has an interesting comment on the website of Mars One ”The main reasons for participating in Mars One are the need to make mankind a multi-planet species and because it is the most exciting project ever to be undertaken by humans”.

3. There is one aspect which is amusing about this project is none of the people who are involved in this project at this phase has technical and financial ability to deliver this project. Prof  dr Gerard’t Hooft a nobel prize winner in Physics in 1999 is commenting in the introduction video of Mars One no government will be involved in this project. Mars One will be a privately funded project.

4. Mars One will be the biggest Media event or in real terms a reality show. One case which I have found intriguing about Mars One project is the broadcast of the astronaut selection and preparation’s in the  simulated Mars base on Television and Online for public view.

A very large number of people who are associated with this project are from Marketing industry. Paul Romer is one of the ambassador of the project Mars One who is co-creator of the national and international version of ” The Big Donor Show” and “Big Brother”. Paul Romer is a think tank for reality show.

How much Mars One will be successful in terms of achieving their  goals I have no idea. In recent times I have seen that

Space X has been able to develop the capability of sending Spacecraft in Space only through extraordinary coordination they receive from NASA. On a personal level I don’t think that sending Astronauts on Mars to live there for ever will be possible without the involvement of the Governments agency because at last it is not about money.

Mars One is a great effort and if it achieve its goal then it will be the event that will turn the course of Mankind. For that we have to wait till 2023. Till then enjoy the biggest reality show of the world.

What are your views about telecasting the  Astronauts who are preparing for this mission in simulation event? Tell us.

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