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Microsoft has launched XBOX Music: Zune is dead


Microsoft has launched XBOX Music. The announcement came at E3 2012 Microsoft press conference. XBOX music has thirty million songs. Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft made the announcement about XBOX Music. He said “XBOX Music is the music service we always dream’t to build”. Zune the music service of Microsoft is going to die. XBOX music will released on XBOX 360, Windows 8 PC, Tablet and Smartphone.

XBOX has also come up with many new games. XBOX Sports has increased their portfolio by a adding NBA and NHL. Another interesting addition in XBOX is Nike+ Kinect Training. It is a combination of Kinect ability to measure body movements and Nike experience with athletes. Nike+ Kinect Training will also connect the biggest gaming and athlete community in the world.

XBOX smartglass is a technology that will allow all the smart devices to work together intelligently. This technology will iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows devices  to work together with XBOX ecosystem. It is also designed to make the experience of entertainment more deeper.

One thing which I want to say that XBOX has went far ahead of being only a game console. I personally think that XBOX will be the device which will compete with Google TV and Apple TV. Do you think so?

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