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Microsoft Online store India website still down!

"Microsoft India Online store"



Microsoft Online store India website is down since eleventh February 2012 and in between news has erupted about the possibility of the theft of credit card data. In another three days it will be three weeks time since Microsoft online store india website is down. Microsoft biggest software company in the world has not been able to Up their site in more than two weeks indicates something.

We cannot  point out that Microsoft has not been able to solve the hacking issue. It may be this delay is because Microsoft doesn’t want that such incident should never happen again and for that they are taking their own time to beef up the security of the website. In last two months we have seen some gruesome attack by hackers on internet websites through out world. Few days back only twenty thousand Indian websites has been hacked by a hacking group from Bangladesh.

Earlier Microsoft said that data which may affect users may have been exposed  but they backtracked completely from their earlier claims as reported in an article of  Times of India.

In a post dated 2-11-2012 on a blog  http://ps.s.blog.163.com/which belongs to evil shadow team member this hacking group declared that they have hacked Microsoft online website and posted pictures of the home page of the hacked website.


This hacking incident has already hampered the brand image of Microsoft. We think that it is not because of the hacking but of the emergence of the two facts.

  • Microsoft online store India store website was not managed by Microsoft instead it was outsourced to a company by name quasar which describes itself as a leader in branding, advertising and digital. It is almost unbelievable that a company like Microsoft will outsource their online store website. The point is how many user knew that this website is not managed by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft paid the price as it is revealed that the company was storing the data in plain text instead of encrypted format.

We think that sooner Microsoft will change their policy about outsourcing the website or they will install some measure to prevent such embarrassing incident.

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