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Yesterday Bing launched a completely new design which will completely transform the experience Bing search engine. The new Bing design will be completely different from the present Bing search engine. It will be launched in few weeks throughout world.

What is new in the latest design of Bing? The information architecture in transformed and now Bing will provide the latest core search result as well and it will also bring information from web and your friend to help users to take action. First of all what are the changes and what you can expect?

Information architecture is divided in three columns.

1.Core result is same: The search result of Bing is based on core algorithmic relevance. The core search result will be purely based on web. Bing has stated Bing official blog that   “Instead of cluttering your results with social updates, we’re honoring the purity of the core web results making it easier to focus on the links you need to get things done”.

So if you will see the below pic the core result appear in the first column which is purely coming from web.



2. Snapshot: Snapshot is the center column which brings relevant result related to the search. It means that as it is shown in the above picture if You have searched for Drake Hotel Chicago then second column will show Drake hotel Chicago map, rates and reviews of the Drake hotel. The basis for producing these result as given by Bing is “in Snapshots we (Bing) help you certain actions when we determine that the intent of your search matches these tasks”.

3. Sidebar: Instead of mixing search result of web and Social media, it is delivered to you separately. First thing If you are allowing Your Facebook account then as per the post on Bing you can use every thing which is related to your account and from there they will bring you the search result. Consider the example Bing has given in their post.

“If you’re searching for diving spots in Costa Rica, with the new Bing, you may discover that one of your Facebook friends knows a great spot, based on photos from their last trip to Costa Rica that they shared on Facebook. Or you might find a friend who lives in Costa Rica based on his or her Facebook profile. You and your friends can only see information you could already see about each other on Facebook”.

You can ask and tag your friend as you are searching. You can also share your search with your friends. Bing will go a step ahead than your Facebook accounts  and bring results from tweeter, blogs, Quora, LinkedIn and blogger. Bing user can also see the query which their Facebook friends are sharing in the feed activity.


So this is the crux of changes in the new Bing. There are few questioned remained unanswered  that where the ads will appeared. As we can think of now snapshot is the area where ads will appear. It is our assumption but at last Microsoft and Bing will decide where and how ads will appear.

There are few thing which will like to share with our readers is Why one of the most powerful company on earth which is Microsoft have to prove that Bing is Better than Google. Let user decide that which one is better and let the user choose which one they want to use?

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