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Microsoft mysterious Conference on 18th June: Tablet or What?


Microsoft has announced and send invitation to top blogs and media companies to cover the conference.

“This will be a major announcement-you will not want to miss it”.

The echo of the news about Microsoft buying Yammer has still not vanished Microsoft has announced a conference on Monday. Mashable which has received an exclusive invite for conference which will happen on Monday has said

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It’s hard to recall another Microsoft inviotation like this one. No graphics, no details, no leaks. It sounds, well, almost Apple-esque in its urgency and stringent requirements and rules:

This is a non-transferrable invitation, however, if you would like to send your local colleague in your place, please submit that name and it will be reviewed. If you would like to bring a photographer please register that person as your additional guest. Please note – still photography and video will be limited.



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Microsoft Surface is not an iPad killer: It is a PC killer


The Wrap has reported: Microsoft is set to unveil a tablet next week that will mark its entry into rival Apple’s territory with its own branded product, TheWrap has learned.

Microsoft has just released Windows 8 release preview and in E3 all the exciting news related to XBOX was given. Microsoft has not confirmed the news of buying Yammer the social network of enterprise. On Monday they can announce this deal still the cat of Yammer deal is out. The news which is making round on internet is that Microsoft will announce their  Tablets.

If Microsoft is going to announce their own Tablet then it is not as surprising as it appears. Apple business model of making its own hardware and software didn’t appear too much feasible till late nineties. With the rise of internet Apple business model started flexing its model and Apple has no doubt transformed the way we Consume digital content.

It is a must for Microsoft for to create its own ecosystem on which they have an extraordinary control over hardware and software because

1. Profit is in not selling Hardware or Software but in selling the digital content and experience.

2. Artificial Intelligence is the Future.

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