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Microsoft mysterious device a Tablet: Microsoft Surface

Microsoft has revealed the secret behind the conference in Los Angels : “It is a tablet and name is Microsoft Surface“. It is possible that Microsoft, the pioneer of Personal computer industry has initiated end of PC with their new device which is known as Surface.The impact of surface will be known only when it is released but to me it seems to be a PC killer more than an iPad killer. Interaction process is touch and type both integrated inside the Surface. Windows 8 based. Structure:

Microsoft surface  is 9.3 mm thin, It has a USB support. A user can print, share or charge their phone on the go. It has additional Micro SD slot. Display and Camera: 10.6″ and 16:9 wide screen having Microsoft ClearType HD display technologies.  It has auto adjusting screen that makes viewing experience perfect indoor or outdoor.

Surface is also integrated with a key stand and 3 mm pressure sensitivity cover that will perform as a fully functioning keyboard and track-pad. Touch cover uses single magnetic click to connect to surface.


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Microsoft Surface is armed with two cameras. the camera and stereo speaker’s is more designed to work with Skype.
VaporMg technology has been used to protect Microsoft Surface.
key pads are available in four colors.
Microsoft has not provided any specification related to the price or release timing. Visit the website of Microsoft Surface.
You may like to watch the introductory video of Microsoft Surface:
[youtube width="500" height="300"]dpzu3HM2CIo[/youtube]
Tell us about your views on the Microsoft introducing Surface.


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