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Microsoft surface is not an iPad killer: It is a PC killer

Microsoft has introduced Surface Tablets and one idea which comes to our mind is “Microsoft Surface is an iPad Killer”. Microsoft surface will certainly pose a serious threat to iPad but Microsoft has build surface with a vision. Microsoft accepted in their core that Apple has outsmarted them in building next generation computing devices. Yesterday I was listening the Keynote of Steve jobs of introducing first iPhone which was given in 2007.

In that keynote Steve Jobs shared two very important thing.

1. iOS is at least five years ahead of competitors. Steve jobs said this in 2007 and he was right. It took almost five years for Microsoft to foray in to the world of Smartphone and Tablets. Google outsmarted Steve Jobs prediction through Android. While each and every other competitors disappointed Steve Jobs as they were never able to build that Operating System which could make them as smart or close to iOS. Hardware industry was depended on Windows to run PC and Laptops. In reality you cannot transform a Hardware company in to software company of Apple or Microsoft stature and it never happened. Dell, HP, Nokia and BlackBerry every one failed badly.


2. He talked about Allan Kay “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware”. Alan Kay said this thirty five years ago but he was right. You will think I will say about Apple but another unknown example of his quote is Google.

Almost all the pioneers of the mobile phone and Smartphone industry failed miserably and could not afford this lack of innovation. Microsoft could afford it because of their extraordinary innovative vision through which they created PC industry but they also realized that PC era is gone and they went back to basics and that is “Coding, Designing and Innovating”.

Microsoft has also realized somewhere in last five years that they have to build their hardware for this generation of computing. For smartphone’s industry Microsoft found an ally in Nokia which is now headed  by Stephen Elop one of the former generals of Microsoft.

For Tablets industry they went on building it on their own. Microsoft has already proved themself as a successful hardware manufacturer with  XBOX :  most famous play console in US and it is profitable also. I have also seen that as a Company Microsoft has matured enough and instead of fighting or aggression they are building strategic relationship.

Yesterday Microsoft introduced Microsoft Surface which is an in-house  Tablet made by Microsoft team. The time Microsoft announced this tablet, it was considered to be an iPad competitor but we have some serious reservation about it.

We don’t think that Microsoft is going to compete with iPad. It is because Microsoft Surface is not built to compete with iPad. Microsoft Surface is built to transform the PC industry in to a tablet industry. Microsoft will introduce Surface first time in the market and iPad third version is in the market since last one and half month.

I don’t think Microsoft Surface will ever try to compete with iPad which is a much evolved product. Microsoft Surface has an easy target and a market to capture . It is the market of Personal Computer which is run on Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft’s first job is to evolve the ecosystem of windows 8, which took almost four to five years for them to develop.

Microsoft has introduced Surface in an extremely smart way. They have worked on the hardware and it is for all those people who want their PC with them all the time. Microsoft Surface is a product which will compete with PC which is running on the windows. At last Microsoft is doing the same thing “Cannibalize and Innovate” which Apple has done with each of their earlier product. Microsoft ecosystem will be developed on the graveyard of PC industry and there is nothing wrong in it. All the hardware or OEM manufacturers who can comprehend this has already transformed them-self or doing it vigorously. If they are not doing it, they will die. It will not happen in the coming six month but it will happen. That’s the future.

Basic point is Smartphone and Tablet industry is all about selling digital content and experience through their ecosystem. This is the main reason Blackberry and Nokia will never be able to make a comeback because they lack ecosystem. Microsoft is working extensively on developing an ecosystem and they have the capability and resources to build it.

Tell us about your views about Microsoft Surface.

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