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New Firefox browser launched for Android: Mozilla



Mozilla has released an upgrade for Firefox on Android yesterday for Android. Mozilla describes this latest upgrade as

“The new Firefox for Android is a snappy and dynamic upgrade to mobile browsing that makes it faster and easier to get where you want to go on the Web”

The latest upgrade is available for download on Google play.

The latest upgrade of Firefox is Superfast and it is far better than the stock browser which is shipped on Android phone. Basic difference will be felt by user

-Startup speed.

-Page load time.

-Panning and Zooming.

- Performance of web app.

- Firefox sync will deliver all browsing history, bookmarks, password to the Android phone.

- It supports flash so the experience of watching videos will be great.

- Features like tabbed browsing and Firefox sync is optimized.



On Privacy and Security Firefox has said

“Firefox respects your privacy and protects your security with features like Do Not Track, Master Password, HTTP Strict Transport Security and more

Firefox has also provided a graphical representation of the Speed of the latest launch of Firefox browser for Android.

Privacy and Security which Firefox offers is an extremely unique USP when combined with speed and performance make great product which we think every user need.

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